Little Big League – “Property Line” (Stereogum Premiere)

“In spite of my personal feelings, you are being cruel on purpose” — that’s how “Property Line,” the second single from Little Big League’s sophomore album, starts off. It’s filled with great lines like that, ones that cut through the bullshit and are blunt in their emotional honesty. They get down to the root of what the song is dealing with: bad things in your past can hurt you, no matter how much you try to pretend they never happened. “You always love to see how many fingers you could fit inside this old wound.” Michelle Zauner’s vocals are far down in the mix, but the spotlight is always on her lyrics and it’s hard not to hang onto her every word, even when the music tries to drown her out. “Property Line” starts off tightly coiled and claustrophobic before opening up and unknotting halfway through, right around the time Zauner gasps out, “I fell from a great height and woke up screaming.” Following the title track, it’s another strong song from their upcoming record, Tropical Jinx, and one that shows that they’re one of the more interesting bands on the front lines of the ’90s revival. Listen below.

Tropical Jinx is out 10/14 via Run For Cover.