Pharrell Didn’t Guest On Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead Because He Didn’t Want To Die

The forthcoming Flying Lotus album You’re Dead! has some impressively big-name guests, like Kendrick Lamar on “Never Catch Me” and Herbie Hancock on “Moment Of Hesitation.” But the album also has a sort of amorphous, generalized death theme, perhaps best expressed by the fucking badass art that FlyLo commissioned for each of the album’s tracks. And that theme was enough to scare off one potential collaborator. Talking to NME, FlyLo says, “Pharrell wanted to contribute, too. But he had issues with the kind of songs to write. He didn’t wanna make a self-fulfilling prophecy… He didn’t wanna write a song about death and then die the next day… And I totally respect that.” How could you possibly fault that logic? Actually, when you consider that Pharrell formed a group whose name stood for No one Every Really Dies, maybe he was just worried about being consistent.