Puig Destroyer – “Attrition” (Stereogum Premiere)

In baseball, a player’s “attrition rate” refers to the percent chance said player’s time on the field will decrease by at least 50 percent. The term serves as a way to gauge a certain player’s imminent success or failure. Based on “Attrition,” the new single from baseball-themed grindcore band Puig Destroyer’s upcoming self-titled LP, it’s safe to say the group’s playing time will not decrease by 50 percent. That would be impossible — most of the songs on the album range from 30 to 90 seconds! The band takes its name from a mashup of Cuban baseball sensation Yasiel Puig, of the Dodgers, and grindcore band Pig Destroyer, and they combine their hot-tempered grind with lyrics about baseball. (Some sample song titles from the new LP: “Mike Trout”; “Stealing Signs”; “No Hitter”). Puig Destroyer are a supergroup of sorts; the band is made up of drummer Riley Breckenridge (of Thrice), bassist Ian Miller and guitarist Jon Howell (both of Kowloon Walled City), and vocalist Mike Minnick (of Curl Up And Die). Grindcore is already a niche genre, of course, but Puig Destroyer take it one step further, aiming their ruthless tunes at grindcore fans who are also baseball nerds. Check out “Attrition” below.

Puig Destroyer is out 9/30 (the first day of the MLB postseason) via No Sleep Records.