GABI – “Koo Koo”

GABI – “Koo Koo”

Gabrielle Herbst makes music under the name GABI, and “Koo Koo” is her startling debut single for Software, the Mexican Summer imprint run by Daniel Lopatin (bka Oneohtrix Point Never). Using a series of multilayered tracks, Herbst crafts a piece of vocal music that is subtly complex and unmistakably haunting. It pairs even better with its BANGS-directed video. Everyone has seen these sorts of one-actor-multiple-roles tricks elsewhere (seriously, do you watch Orphan Black? Get on that) but the video here is laid out with the same elegance and simplicity that brings to mind The Prestige’s “Transported Man” scene. It’s a beautiful video, a fascinating song, and an exciting introduction.

“Koo Koo” is available now via Software.

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