JJ – “Dynasti” Video

By now it’s clear that Swedish duo JJ, who recently released their fourth studio album, V, know how to translate their languid brand of pop into otherworldly videos. The new clip for “Dynasti,” the second track on V, creatively personifies the shivering pop soundscape of the track. The video’s long introduction features JJ singer Elin Kastlander cloaked in red robes and carrying a torch, traversing rugged desert terrain until she finds a piano, which she sets ablaze to cue the entry of the music. The rest of the video consists of zoomed-in shots of the Kastlander’s glitter-covered, bedazzled face as she fumbles around in front of what appears to be some sort of satanic ritual. People in black jumpsuits writhe and dance as bright flames engulf structures arranged in a large circle around them. This may not have been the image you conjured when you first listened to the track, but it’s probably what will stick with you from now on. Watch the video below.

V is out now on Secretly Canadian.

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