Melanie De Biasio – “I Feel You (Eels Remix)”

Let’s not forget that remixes aren’t only reserved for songs in the electronic genre. Mark Oliver Everett (AKA E) of the Eels releases his first remix ever, choosing Melanie De Biasio’s “I Feel You,” a seductive jazzy ballad that appears on De Biasio’s album No Deal. E chose to do his first remix after touring with De Biasio and falling in love with her music. Compared to the original, E’s remix is noticeably prudent in its minor yet strategical additions to the background instrumentation that carries De Biasio’s voice. Whereas the original track finds De Biasio’s vocals occupying an overtly intimate and sensual space, E creates more tension in the track, adding woodwind and string instruments that gradually crescendo throughout. “Fear is knocking on our door, and love is calling us for sure.” Fear is right–the remix renders De Biasio’s bewitchingly ominous and alluring in a chilling way. Listen to the new remix below.