Ab-Soul – “W.W.S.D.”

Rapping over Jackson Browne’s classic “These Days” sounds like it shouldn’t be something that works, but Ab-Soul gets the most out of it on “W.W.S.D” and turns it into something genuinely affecting. It’s an odd choice, but he takes a backseat to the song itself and, when he does rap, he’s confessional and sentimental. “The devil is alive, never let him persevere/ God took my angel and left me here,” he raps with passion and vulnerability in his voice. The song obviously had a big impact on him, considering he named his new album after it (though he did record his own song with the same title). It’s an interesting take from Ab and one that sounds like it’s in the same headspace as much of what he was doing on These Days… Listen below.

These Days… is out now on TDE.