Moon Bounce – “Echo Back” (Stereogum Premiere)

Moon Bounce is the alias of Philly’s Corey Regensburg, who has been putting out tracks for the past few years. He describes the project as “mutant pop,” which makes sense given the way Regensburg mixes together all of his disparate influences, creating some hybrid between R&B, trap, and minimalist electronics. Throughout its four-minute runtime, “Echo Back” negotiates through a few different wavelengths, all good, but the best is the climax, which plops and churns along like a sweaty convulsion. Listen below.

The “Fool” / “Echo Back” single will be released on 9/30 via Grind Select. Moon Bounce is offering cool scratch-off lottery tickets along with purchases of the single that can feature prizes like guest list spots at a show, exclusive songs, and other merch. You can check that out here.

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