The McCarren Pool Parties Say Goodbye With Yo La Tengo

And that was that. Yesterday was the last McCarren Pool Party. The city’s gone and had the bright idea to fill the pool with — get this — water instead of hipsters (imagine that), bringing a halt to what quickly became a favorite NYC venue for summer music. The Pool’s life as a staging ground for shows was short lived — we remember curating the very first Pool Party (with Les Savy Fav) like it was just three summers ago ago (mostly because it was). And it was nothing but fun from then on. Sad to see it go.

Somewhat poetically, McCarren Pool concludes its short-lived run of indie events with two of the longest running institutions in indie rock: the Pool Parties (always free) wound up with Yo La Tengo, while the AEG series (always not) will end with Sonic Youth this Saturday. Yesterday was fun in that too-much-Dewars-and-nostalgia-in-the-sun sorta way. We’ve got some photos of Yo La being great, along with openers Ebony Bones and Titus Andronicus, along with lots of shots of Williamsburgers running for the slip ‘n’ slide, taking it in, and showing their children a nice time for alt families.





I would say “only in Brooklyn,” except that the Pool Parties are eyeing a future on tour. As for the McCarren Pool grounds, the plans certainly look interesting.

Anyway. Thnks fr th mmrs, McCrn.