Young Thug – “2 B’s (Danny Glover)” Video

Early in the year, Atlanta cult-rap weirdo Young Thug solidified his unlikely street-rap stardom with two absolute bangers, “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.” Both of those tracks got videos months late, and the “Danny Glover” video only just arrived. The track, which is apparently now called “2 B’s” (possibly for post-“Rosa Parks” legal reasons) appeared on the great Black Portland mixtape back in winter, and it was old even then. It’s hard to say the video is worth the wait, but it’s an appealingly nutso piece of low-budget horror-movie fakery. And it’s worth watching just to see what Thug’s wearing: The red nail polish! The frilly 1840s sea-captain uniform! The raccoon tail, or whatever that is! There’s also an interlude in which Birdman plays Phantom Of The Opera and insists that he doesn’t like using profanity. Be El Be directed the video, and you can behold it in all its glory below.

Download the Black Portland tape here.