Boston Weezer Fans Punish Craigslist Scalper

Next month, Weezer are coming to Boston to perform their new album Everything Will Be Alright In The End in full at the relatively small Sinclair. The $65 tickets sold out in an hour, and one enterprising buyer then took to Craigslist to sell his pair of tickets for $500. As reports, an area fan saw the Craigslist ad and got pissed off about it. After one fan Tweeted about it, the venue looked into it and then canceled the scalper’s ticket order, calling the inflated resale a breach of the ticket-buying contract. It’s unclear how he intended to sell the ticket, anyway, since it’s a will-call-only invite and you need to prove that you’re the buyer to get in. Either way, it’s gratifying to see such swift justice. It would be nice if someone could do the same thing to all of Stubhub.

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