Tricky Disses Damon Albarn, Bono, Massive Attack In I Am Adrian Thaws Mini-Doc

British trip-hopper Tricky was recently the subject of a documentary for FACT TV based around his new album Adrian Thaws. In the mini-doc, he talked about his experience collaborating with Damon Albarn, who he worked with for a song on 1996’s Nearly God that was never released. “I wouldn’t work with Damon Albarn again,” he said. “We were walking through Leeds and we were in this fucked up area and I looked around and I said ‘these kids got nothing’, and he said to me ‘they’ve got us’ and I just thought ‘these kids are going in and out of jail they ain’t go no money, how are we, especially, you … maybe you could say that about me, but I haven’t got that arrogance to say … these kids they’ve got nothing, they’re out hustling, but they got me’ — I wouldn’t be that arrogant.”

At one point, he criticized his former groupmates (“I don’t really give a fuck about Massive Attack”) as well as musicians that associate with politicians. “Now you’ve got Bono hanging out with the Pope and Obama,” he said. “As a musician to hang out with a politician, I think it’s disgusting. David Cameron? Obama? I wouldn’t shake their hand for £1,000,000.”

Watch the full documentary below.

(via NME)