Weird Al Visits Seth Meyers, Plays Jesus In Award-Winning Short Film

UHF obviously got robbed, but now there’s a chance that “Weird Al” Yankovic could star in an Oscar-winning movie. As Billboard reports, Yankovic plays Jesus — or, rather, he plays an actor who plays Jesus — in a new short film called The Moving Picture Co. 1914. Frequent Simpsons director Mark Kirkland made the film, which won two awards at the Big Bear Festival last week. By screening at that festival, Kirkland also qualifies for Oscar voting. And since who even knows how the short-film Oscar works, the chance of a “Weird Al” win might be enough to keep us from falling asleep during that stretch of the Oscar ceremony next spring.

Talking about “Weird Al” in the film, director of photography Roberto E. Lepe says, “It’s the role Weird Al was born to play. He plays an actor re-enacting the Last Supper for a silent film in 1914, but a chase scene disturbs the supper.” Meanwhile, Kirkland says, “We all know Al is the king. Now he’s the King of Kings.”

Yankovic continued his colossal year last night by showing up on Late Night With Seth Meyers for an interview rather than a performance. On the show, he talked about playing Wheel Of Fortune with James Brown, trying to get parody permission from Prince, and finding out that he’d finally scored a #1 album with Mandatory Fun. Watch videos of the conversation below.

Yankovic’s album Mandatory Fun is out now on RCA.