The Black Ryder – “Santaria” (Stereogum Premiere)

The Black Ryder – “Santaria” (Stereogum Premiere)

Los Angeles-based Aussies Scott Von Ryper and Miss Aimee Nash record crushingly heavy shoegaze under the name the Black Ryder. Their debut album, 2009’s Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride got wide release from Mexican Summer in 2010, but for the long-awaited follow-up The Door Behind The Door they’ll return to their own label The Anti-Machine Machine. Today they’re sharing lead single “Santaria,” which lets ethereal drone, ceremonial percussion, and dead-eyed harmonies carry on together until they build up to something sublime. There’s never really a climax because the whole thing feels like one overwhelming wave of gorgeous noise. Listen below.

The Door Behind The Door is out early 2015 on The Anti-Machine Machine.

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