Rock Journalism Is Dangerous, Courtney Love Is High

From NY Post:

Rolling Stone writer Jenny Eliscu has complained to Island/Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid that one of his label’s bands, CKY, is waging a harassment campaign against her ? including the wish that she “die soon” ? because she panned their new album. Eliscu’s one-star review of CKY’s An Answer Can Be Found stated, “Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about CKY is the ardor of their fans, the CKY Alliance,” who “bombarded this magazine with pissed-off e-mails after we gave the band’s previous album a two-star review. “Here we go again. The presence of [MTV prankster] Bam Margera’s brother Jess on drums may keep CKY aligned with the skate-punk scene, but An Answer Can Be Found is mind-numbing stoner metal, with ginormous power chords, repetitive vocals and overwrought lyrics.” After the review appeared last month, CKY, which is short for Camp Kill Yourself, singled out Eliscu for abuse/

Watch your back Sheffield — I hear Mraz is a biter.

In brighter news, also via the Post:

Yesterday’s announcement that Courtney Love had tested positive for drugs came as no surprise to anyone who attended the Comedy Central roast of Pamela Anderson Sunday night at the Sony Studios in L.A. Love was “out of it” when she arrived. On the red carpet, she slammed her head into a photographer’s lens while posing for a close-up, a source said. During the roast, Love, seated on the dais, repeatedly flashed her crotch at the crowd, pulled up her shirt to reveal a lacy black bra and shouted “Drugs on the house!” She babbled incoherently into the microphone for ten minutes ? prompting more than a few people to tell the rocker to be quiet. After Love shouted, “I’m sober over a year now,” host Jimmy Kimmel said, “If this is sober, there is a real problem.” One audience member snickered, “She makes Andy Dick look like a choirboy.” The roast will be televised Sunday at 10.

If Comedy Central wasn’t cutting her shenanigans, I’d liveblog this shit. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Courtney actually got on stage and performed The Aristocrats?