Kurt Cobain’s People Should’ve Been More Permissive Of His Heroin Addiction, Says Coolio

Kurt Cobain’s People Should’ve Been More Permissive Of His Heroin Addiction, Says Coolio

Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage” came out in 1994, so Spin decided to include the 51-year-old rapper in their ongoing ’94 celebration. Specifically, they played him a series of hits from that year and asked him for commentary. While listening to Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box,” he recalled his reaction when he heard about Kurt Cobain’s death, asserted that he wanted to do a song with Cobain, and suggested that the people close to Cobain should have enabled his heroin addiction. Here’s the transcript:

I happened to be watching MTV and it came over the wire. And I was like, “Well, damn.” I was mad at Kurt, like, “Why you gotta do that before I do a song with you?” I was mad at his people. They didn’t see that shit coming? C’mon! Put the motherfucker on Thorazine; dose him up so he can stay alive. You know, people who do drugs get so pressured by people who don’t that they get depressed. Society and their families make them feel like shit about their habits. A lot of times they’re not hurting nobody. They don’t go out and cause trouble. They don’t miss work. Fuck, man. Let that shit roll. I’ve had my ups and downs with that. I’m not on drugs right now, but I’m not gonna sit here and say I won’t ever do drugs. I’ll never do cocaine again… but I haven’t tried everything.

Coolio also shared some thoughts on R. Kelly:

R. Kelly’s an asshole, but classic shit. Well, I’d guess he’s been humbled since then, seeing as he got away with rape and pedophilia. He’s lucky it wasn’t my daughter — or my neighbor’s daughter, even — because that would’ve been R. Kelly’s motherfucking funeral.

And he chimed in about his affiliation with the Juggalos:

Family. Let’s say I’m in Philly and I need a place to sleep and something to eat. If I find some Juggs, that night I’m gonna eat good, I’m gonna sleep good, and I’m gonna get high. They take care of each other. It’s more than I can say about most Crips and Bloods.

As you can see, it’s a wild interview. Read the whole thing here.

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