Kittyhawk – “Vaudeville” (Stereogum Premiere)

Chicago rockers Kittyhawk are preparing to release an album called Hello, Again, but since we’ve never posted on them before, consider the arching emo anthem “Vaudeville” your introduction. That melodious melancholy you’re hearing is Kate Grube’s commandingly wistful lead vocals, and those mechanical guitar spirals are the handiwork of Erik Czaja, who also plays in local bands Pet Symmetry and Dowsing, and Mark Jaeschke, a member of Joie De Vivre (in case you were wondering if Chicago was still an emo hotbed). “Vaudeville” is very much a part of that Midwest tradition, but it stands alone as a powerful work in its own right, laying sentimental groundwork then booming and blooming into a massive finish. Hear it below.

Hello, Again is out 10/14 on Count Your Lucky Stars.

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