Stevie Nicks – “Mabel Normand” & “Watch Chain”

The new Stevie Nicks album 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault is a collection of the singer’s old, never-released songs, most of which she wrote decades ago. (We’ve posted her songs “The Dealer” and “Lady.”) Nicks wrote the LP track “Mabel Normand” in 1985, and it’s about a cocaine-addicted silent movie star who died in 1930. Nicks was dealing with her own problems with the drug when she wrote the song. Of Normand, Nicks says, “She was really walking on the edge for a lot of her life. And I was walking on the edge, too… It was really important to me to get this song out. It’s really about what drugs can do to you. I, unlike Mabel, managed to get a hold of it.” The song has that classic Fleetwood Mac studio-rock gleam, and you can hear it below. Also below, stream a richly harmonic rocker called “Watch Chain” originally from the Bella Donna era.

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24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault is out 10/7. As it happens, the whole thing is streaming now at Amazon.

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