Watch A Cute 10-Year-Old Punk Interview J Mascis

Among rock critics, Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis is notorious for being one of the worst interviews of all time, mostly for his Greg Popovich-like ability to stay perfectly perfunctory while every atom of his body screams that he’d rather not be there. But Elliott, of the Little Punk People video series, has figured out one way to get a watchable interview out of the guy: Be 10 years old. Elliott caught up with Mascis backstage at Philly’s World Cafe Live and got him to answer questions on camera for almost nine minutes. Sample exchange: “Are you aware how awesome you are?” “Um. No.” “I am.” “Cool.” Watch it below.

I haven’t asked him about it, but my son probably loves Mascis, too, mostly because he just loves anything associated with the word “dinosaur.”