Octave Minds – “In Silence” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

We recently shared two tracks from Octave Minds’ self-titled debut album: “Anthem” and “Tap Dance.” Now the unexpected partnership between techno producer Boys Noize and piano aficionado Chilly Gonzales continues to prove its value with the third chapter of a video series that accompanies the album. Directed, animated, and written by Rolf Bremer, the video series follows the journey of a delicate young woman to a red and white striped light house that appears to taunt her with its unattainability (it’s far off in the distance). The first episode highlights a sense of levity and beauty found within the grandeur of nature as we watch the protagonist attempt to fly to the white house, while the second episode assumes a darker, heavier approach, implementing regression to childhood and the haunting nature of our dreams as working themes. The third episode soundtracks “In Silence,” a song that underlines the stark contrast between Boys Noize’s erratic trip-hop beats and Gonzales’ melodic piano. Just as the song discovers this happy medium, so does the video that accompanies it — we start off in the darkness cast by the end of the second episode and eventually return to the folly of the first as the protagonist and her clone prance around imbibing and eating once they’ve arrived at the light house. However, the protagonist’s younger self, to whom we were introduced in the darker second episode, watches the revelry from a distance with a wary eye, casting a foreboding light over the whole thing. Watch below.

Octave Minds is out now on Boysnoize/Gentle Threat. Get it at iTunes, Google Play, or on 2xLP vinyl.