Migos – “Top Floor” (Feat. Johnny Cinco) Video

Even before “Fight Night,” the track from their No Label II mixtape, spent the summer colonizing my brain, Migos were the greatest earworm factory in all of Atlanta rap. And after releasing the new banger “Fake Watch Bustas,” the group has announced a new mixtape that’ll be out later this month. They’ve also shared a video for a new track called “Top Floor.” In the video, Migos and their mushmouthed collaborator Johnny Cinco spend time at the bottom of a pile of beautiful women in bikinis. It’s pretty funny when a video features a ton of wealth signifiers — cars, mansions, models — but the video itself is so sloppy and amateurish that it still looks low-budget. I can’t be the only one who finds that charming. Watch the video below.

(via Miss Info)

The new Migos tape is out 10/31.