Screaming Females – “Wishing Well”

In 2012, New Jersey punk trio Screaming Females released Ugly, one of the best straight-up guitar-rock albums I’ve heard this decade. Since then, there’s been a cassette EP and a live album and a furiously badass single, and now they’ve got a new 7″ single that finds the band sounding like they’re ready to take over the world. “Wishing Well,” which is for sale right now, is a big, sweet, catchy song, one that brings the band somewhere within the range of ’90s alt-pop. It’s melodically sweeter than the band’s older music, but it kicks nearly as hard. Listen to it and read some words from frontwoman Marissa Paternoster below.

(via Rolling Stone)

Paternoster tells Rolling Stone:

I’m certain that many listeners will consider this song a “departure” for us, but really, we’ve never had a set formula as to what style of music we ought to be playing. When we first started playing it live, people seemed to take to it immediately. People would always ask, “Hey play that song about the wishing well or whatever it’s called!”… I vaguely recall my wonderful aunt mentioning that we finally had written a song she liked. So if you’re in the market for a family-friendly Screaming Females song, this is your chance.

“Wishing Well” b/w “Let Me In” is out now on Don Giovanni.