Stream Dads I’ll Be The Tornado

New Jersey duo Dads are following up 2012’s American Radass (This Is Important) with a strong new collection called I’ll Be The Tornado. The album is a reminder that Dads are better than most at that timeless emo trope of fumbling toward maturity in the context of dramatically sweeping guitar music. The music is stirring, and the lyrics are both clever (“We could be drunk together/ We could be punk together”) and unapologetically blunt (“How much time did I waste on people who eventually left?”). We’ve already heard ace singles “Fake Knees” and “Chewing Ghosts,” and now the whole batch of anthems is streaming online. Hear it at Pitchfork.

I’ll Be The Tornado is out 10/14 on 6131. Pre-order it here.

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