Watch Lil Jon, Fred Armisen, Devendra Banhart, & Lena Dunham In A “Turn Out For What” Voting PSA

There’s a mid-term election this November, which means you, the American citizen, have the right to elect representatives to Congress (and probably a Senator too) plus weigh in on lots of locally relevant matters. Lil Jon wants to make sure you know this and that you turn out to cast your ballot. As such, he stars in this new Rock The Vote PSA also including Lena Dunham, Devendra Banhart, Fred Armisen, Whoopi Goldberg, and many other celebs. As “Turn Down For What” puns go, #TURNOUTFORWHAT is not quite as clever as my friend’s fantasy football team Turn Down For Watt, but as a voting awareness ad it definitely gets the job done. Below, watch Lil Jon and the rest of them tell you which issues are drawing them to the voting booth this fall.