Watch Another Teaser For Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways, Which Will Apparently Include James Murphy

Foo Fighters will soon return with Sonic Highways, which is both an album and an HBO show. And in a new trailer for the TV show, we see a deeply random assortment of musicians who will apparently appear: Billy Gibbons! Carrie Underwood! Slash! Some of these people will presumably appear on the album, but we don’t know which ones, yet. And one of the faces flashed onscreen during a montage is an intriguing one: The former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. Maybe he’ll be on the album? It’s hard to imagine that he would be, but it would be nice! As with the last trailer, the clip includes a few seconds of a new Foo Fighters song, one that, at least in those few seconds, does not obviously sound influenced by any of the cities the band visited while recording. Check it out below.

Sonic Highways debuts 10/17 on HBO. The album is out 11/10 via Roswell/RCA.