Tiger Village – “Cascades”

Your first thought when hitting play on Tiger Village’s “Cascades” will probably be confusion: wondering if your speakers are broken or your soundcard is fried. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to sound like that. In under a minute, Tim Thorton’s track hastily constructs itself like a ramshackle carnival ride, as rhythms and melodies build up with a total disregard for all the sparks and screeches that come along the way, but most of all, this is simply fun as hell. Filled with rhythms moving at disorienting, varied speeds while tones run from cute chirps to dissonant blasts, “Cascades” reminds us as listeners that the things we sometimes dismissively label “noise” can be much more, but even more importantly, making a bunch of noise can be a really good time. Listen.

V is out 10/21 via Hausu Mountain. Pre-order it here.