Tinashe – “Little Things”

The Los Angels R&B singer Tinashe just scored Album Of The Week honors with her excellent debut Aquarius during a very competitive week. And one way to think about how good Aquarius is is by listening to what didn’t make the album. Consider, for example, the outtake “Little Things.” The track is a sparse, lithe, clubby number, a slightly more down-the-middle take on the sound of her breakout hit “2 On.” It’s a good song, and she probably could’ve made some money with it. But the song would’ve broken the spell that the album casts, and I’m impressed that she knew well enough to keep it off the album. The song is online now, though, and you can hear it below. Also below, check out “Watch Me Work,” a slick and slinky bonus track from the album’s Best Buy edition, one that tells a similar story.

(via Idolator)

Aquarius is out now on RCA.

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