Stream Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry

My first couple experiences hearing Blut Aus Nord’s Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry came while walking around these abandoned or underused paths in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Not very black metal, I admit! But in Brooklyn, you have few vast expanses of nature in which to get lost, and to truly immerse yourself in Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry, I think you do have to get lost, alone: If not in some sort of wooded area, maybe an ocean shoreline at dawn, or an open stretch of road late at night.

For me, the scenery looked like this:

I took that picture because I did not believe my eyes; I thought perhaps the music was fucking up my head hard enough to cause hallucinations. And Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry actually can fuck up your head that hard. It might cause hallucinations. It could cause you to believe you are stumbling around some endless enchanted forest, when in fact you are wandering somewhere between Crown Heights and Boerum Hill. We talked a lot about the new Blut Aus Nord album already when the single, “Paien,” came out and again at the end of September, in the Black Market. And now, you can hear the whole thing for yourself. If you can, though, you should get away from your computer while you listen: Get outside, under some trees, off concrete, etc. Soon enough, wherever you are, you will be lost. Don’t worry, though — the music will take you someplace pretty fucking amazing.

(Via Noisey)

Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry is out 10/10 via via Debemur Morti.