Sorority Noise – “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed” (Stereogum Premiere)

Since we haven’t covered Sorority Noise on Stereogum yet, here’s a little primer: The Connecticut four-piece put out their debut album, Forgettable, earlier this year. It’s a charming collection of down-on-your-luck soft punk songs, filled with self-loathing lines and sarcastic quips that are mostly used as a defense mechanism. It’s nostalgia-tinged music that borders on power-pop, borrowing just as heavily from early Brand New as it does from Weezer. The band travels in the same circles as some faves — they recently released a split with Radiator Hospital and share a label with Band To Watch For Everest and Epoch member Told Slant (not to mention #emorevival raison d’être The World Is A Beautiful Place…). They recently announced that two of their founding members were departing to start a new group, so the future of the band is a little fuzzy — they’re continuing on, but the dynamic will almost certainly change. If their upcoming split with Boston-based rockers Somos ends up as some sort of swan song to the band as it once was, it’s a pretty good send-off. “Wesleyan’s Best Dressed” sounds a lot like the buttoned-up, anxious students that might attend the titular university. “If you asked me to be all of your dreams/ I’m sure I’d let you down,” Cameron Boucher sings without a hint of irony. It’s a sterling example of the band’s disarming charisma, and you can listen below.

The Somos/Sorority Noise split is out 11/4 via Bad Timing Records.