You Can Finally Pay For U2’s Songs Of Innocence Today

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you really liked U2’s new album Songs Of Innocence. (I didn’t, but maybe you did.) You liked it so much that you want to give U2 money for it, even though the band already gave it to you for free, as an automatic iTunes download. You are now in luck. Songs Of Innocence is now available for purchase, in case you want the vinyl or you can’t figure out how to burn iTunes tracks to a CD. The North American release date is today, though fans in Japan will have to wait until 10/22. The album is on Spotify now, too, and the deluxe version of the LP has 10 new tracks. They’re mostly acoustic and alternate versions, but there are two brand-new songs, “Lucifer’s Hands” and “The Crystal Ballroom,” that weren’t on the iTunes download. Check out the Spotify stream below, if you like.

You can get that double-disc deluxe version from Target.

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