Foxygen – “Coulda Been My Love” Video

Today, Foxygen release …And Star Power, their messy, ambitious sprawl of a new album. And they’ve also chosen this morning to share their video for the seductively shambling album track “Coulda Been My Love.” Grant Singer, who worked with the band on their deeply entertaining “How Can You Really” video, returned to direct this one. He films the band in repose, lazing about a mansion in the hills somewhere. There’s also some extreme close-up makeout footage. It’s a fairly minimal video, but it does a nice job capturing this band’s gawkily slippery charisma. Maybe it’s the band’s shamelessly retro fashion sense, but the video reminds me of the footage of the Rolling Stones recording in Gimme Shelter. Check it out below.

…And Star Power is out now on Jagjaguwar.