Kittyhawk – “Welcome Home” Video

Chicago-based indie-pop group Kittyhawk have released a video for “Welcome Home,” from their debut full-length, Hello, Again. The band’s sound is reminiscent of early-aughts emo: Kate Grube’s friendly, enticing vocals draw comparisons to Rainer Maria and the Anniversary, and she pairs those vocals with fresh narrative lyrics — creating an irresistible combination of the familiar and novel. In the video for “Welcome Home,” the band joins a suicide cult that meets in a blanket fort, and one by one, each member drinks a poisonous concoction. They all go to Heaven, where they have a rowdy pillow fight as white confetti rains from the sky. It’s a perfect backdrop for the music, and it creates a quirky juxtaposition of bright, childish images with an overtly dark narrative. Watch.

Hello, Again is available now via Count Your Lucky Stars

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