Crying – “Batang Killjoy”

Crying’s combination of chiptune craziness and muscular indie rock riffs is like no other. Their debut EP last year was one of my favorites, an absolute joy filled with jams like “Bodega Run” and “Vacation” that bleated as much as they rocked. “Batang Killjoy” is the first track from their upcoming release, Get Olde / Second Wind, which combines their first EP with six new songs. It’s a nice progression from Get Olde and sees them leaning deeper into their punk sensibilities to drive home a killer hook. At times, Elaiza Santos’ weightless vocals can sound like just another one of their Game Boy effects, but she also keeps the whole thing grounded with an indispensable humanity. (If her vocals sound familiar, she sang on LVL UP’s Hoodwink’d earlier this year and has a whole catalog of great solo work under the names Whatever, Dad and 100%. LVL UP’s Nick Corbo is also on drumming duties here.) “Batang Killjoy” is a hell of a lot of fun, alternating between melodic and jarring in all the right places. Listen below.

Get Olde / Second Wind is out 11/18 via Run For Cover.

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