New Beck – “Gamma Ray {Pocket Mix}”

Mixmaster Richard Jankovich (aka Pocket) last splashed through these pages with a stunning reworking of Radiohead’s Björk cover “Unravel” — as impressive for its electronic undercurrents and slickly creating a virtual Thom/Björk duet as for its turn around time (just three days after Radiohead put their thumbs_down). This time Pocket digs into Beck’s Modern Guilt go-going standout “Gamma Ray,” again interjecting laptop lacing, and satisfying the e-duet quotient by pulling in a chorus vocal from the Jay Reatard cover which appears on the official single.

Beck – “Gamma Ray {Pocket Mix}” (MP3)

The LP rundown: Beck’s Modern Guilt is out. Jay’s Blood Visions and Singles 06-07 comp are in perpetual heavy rotation (and on the further covers front, please check out Jay’s razor-edged cover of Deerhunter’s “Fluorescent Grey” from the pair’s Matador-released split 7″ — it’s great). And finally, Pocket’s close to releasing his first full-length of original material. The release date’s still vague, but the tracklist (and guestlist) is not:

01 “Swept”” (Feat. Lorraine Lelis of Mahogany)
02 “Surround Him With Love” (Feat. Robyn Hitchcock)
03 “Baclward From Ten” (Feat. Danny Seim of Menomena)
04 “Someone To Run Away From” (Feat. Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think)
05 “Fireflies In Jars” (Feat. Tanya Donelly of Belly)
06 “Sampo” (Feat. Yuki Chikudate of Asobi Seksu)
07 “A Force Of Nature” (Feat. Mark Burgess of Chameleons)
08 “Hear In Noiseville” (Feat. Steve Kilbey of The Church)
09 “Let Her Close” (Feat. Shonali Bhowmik)
10 “Beautiful Gray” (Feat. Dave Smalley of Dag Nasty)
11 “Echo And Sway” (Feat. Sal Principato of Liquid, Liquid)
12 “Heaven” (Feat. Mark Burgess)