Tennis – “I’m Callin'” Video

Back in August, we premiered “I’m Callin’,” a groovy track off Tennis’ most recent full-length release, Ritual In Repeat. Now the husband-and-wife indie-pop duo release a slightly sinister video, directed by Keith Musil, to accompany the track. The video contrasts a relatively light song with chilling visuals; it begins with Alaina Moore finding a severed human finger with a street address inscribed on it, which eventually leads her to the house of an elderly woman who sits at a desk writing “Ritual In Repeat” on a slew of VHS tapes scattered around her. She points Alaina to a room in the back of the house where Alaina encounters two dressed-down clones of herself, and the three of them perform a dance in front of a camera that records their moves. The owner of the missing finger — which ultimately led our protagonist to a house where she finds herself (literally) doomed to execute these repetitive dance moves for a strange elderly archivist — is eventually revealed. Watch.

Ritual In Repeat is out now via Communion.