Thurston Moore – “Speak To The Wild” Video

Thurston Moore’s new solo LP, The Best Day, is due out tomorrow (although you can already stream it here). Today, we get a video for “Speak To The Wild,” the sprawling 8-minute tempest that opens the album. In the cryptic clip, a mother gets separated from her child in a forest that conveniently also seems to be inhabited by creepy, cloak-wearing cultists. It’s not entirely clear what’s actually going on, but, soundtracked by the ebbs and flows of Moore’s and James Sedwards’ twin-guitar assault, it sure is engaging. Director Santiago Mostyn shares a few words about the thought behind the video:

I have the image of a character, a woman who could be a mother (slightly older, slightly wilder, like a silent Jenny Wilson) carrying a large and alien precious object into the forest and sequestering it there. It would be a narrative trajectory but with sublime interruptions — the cavity where she stashes the object filling with gold, painted figures following her through the trees, DIY-Kurosawa style.

Watch the video below.

The Best Day is out 10/21 via Matador.