Todd Terje – “Delorean Dynamite” Video

When crafting the live visuals to accompany his It’s Album Time anthem “Delorean Dynamite,” Norwegian producer extraordinaire Todd Terje sought out Frank, a fellow Norwegian who happened to own a Delorean. So when Frank decided to sell the car, Terje and director Espen Friberg decided to make him an advertisement. Thus, the “Delorean Dynamite” video ended up looking like an ’80s infomercial and in fact functions as a real-life advertisement for a car you can actually buy on Norwegian Craigslist. According to a press release, Frank is also accepting offers at [email protected] — serious inquiries only. Don’t let the gimmick distract you from the fact that “Delorean Dynamite” burble-bangs and It’s Album Time rules. Meet Frank and his vehicle below.

It’s Album Time is out now on Olsen.