Watch The Trailer For R.E.M. By MTV

MTV isn’t really in the business of saluting important musical figures, but the network has put together a new documentary honoring R.E.M., going back through their own vaults of footage to tell the band’s story. From the looks of things, the doc will include very early footage of the band, from when they still looked like babies, and it’ll cover them all the way up into the final years of the band. The doc is airing on MTV, and it’ll also be included in a forthcoming six-DVD box set called REMTV, which has both of the band’s MTV Unplugged sessions, as well as various TV appearances and live performances. Watch a trailer for the doc below.

(via NPR)

R.E.M. By MTV airs in November on both MTV and VH1, and REMTV is out 11/24.

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