Stream Rancid Honor Is All We Know

Berkeley punk rock lifers Rancid, my favorite band of all time, haven’t released an album since the slept-on Let The Dominoes Fall in 2008. That changes next Tuesday. The band has a new one called Honor Is All We Know loaded up and ready to go, and we’ve posted its songs “Face Up” and “Already Dead,” as well as a video of them playing three of the album’s tracks. On first listen, the new LP isn’t quite as frenzied and anthemic as the stuff they were making two decades ago, but that only seems biologically sensible. And they’re still doing an amazing job packing giddy, beyond-catchy hooks into fast, assaultive punk rock pummels. They still sound happy to be alive, and they are incapable of making a bad album. Right now, you can stream the whole thing at iTunes Radio.

Honor Is All We Know is out 10/17 on Epitaph.

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