China’s Favorite Musician Kenny G Angers Chinese Government With Protest Tweet

A few months ago the world learned that the entire nation of China plays Kenny G’s “Going Home” at the end of the day, every day. It’s a national pastime of sorts. But now Mr. G (born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick) has gone and jeopardized his position of honor. As ABC News points out, during a tour of China, Gorelick stopped by a pro-democracy Occupy Hong Kong protest to show his support. He even tweeted a photo from the protest site voicing his support:

That didn’t sit too well with Chinese officials. Government spokesman Hua Chunying issued a statement to the press within an hour of Gorelick’s tweet: “Kenny G’s musical works are widely popular in China, but China’s position on the illegal Occupy Central activities in Hong Kong is very clear. We hope that foreign governments and individuals speak and act cautiously and not support the Occupy Central and other illegal activities in any form.” Speak and act cautiously, G! If businesses suddenly stop playing “Going Home,” we’ll know why.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images.]

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