Automotive Songwriter/Author/Inventor Neil Young Announces Art Show For His Car Watercolors

Looks like Neil Young has a thing about (for?) cars. Let’s recap: His 2009 album, Fork In The Road, was inspired by his Lincoln Continental, which he had retrofitted into a more fuel-efficient version that he called the LincVolt, and which ended up being totally flammable. He just published a book called Special Deluxe: A Memoir Of Life And Cars that’s all about the various cars he’s owned throughout his 68 years on Earth. And the cover art for his latest album, Storytone features … you guessed it: a car! It turns out that artwork is part of a larger collection of watercolors that Young has painted over the years. This collection will be on display at California’s Robert Berman Gallery for an exhibition that will take place at the end of November. I miss the good old days when he was just talking about cotton or trying to bring down the iPod. You can find out more info about the car exhibition at the gallery’s website — Young will appear at the opening reception on 11/3.

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