Chicago Skrillex Show Leaves 16 Fans Hospitalized

Dance music shows are big, big business these days, and they tend to involve a whole lot of kids on a whole lot of drugs. So it’s not too surprising that we’ve seen reports of fans beings sent to the hospital at some of the bigger shows. Dozens were hospitalized at an Avicii show in Boston, and two people actually died at a Mad Decent Block Party in Maryland. The latest story is of a Skrillex show this past Saturday at Chicago’s Navy Pier. At that show, 16 fans ended up being sent to the hospital.

NBC Chicago reports that most of the fans who needed medical attention at the Chicago show were suffering from “drug overdoses.” 10,000 people attended the show, which was over by 11PM, so it’s worth noting that 99.84% of the crowd did not go to the hospital.

Still, Dr. Andrew Bazos, who was in charge of medical responses at the show, had some choice quotes: “The policy in Chicago has been to take anyone who presents to the hospital. We’re there for people who haven’t been smart, and safety is number one… “If their parents were there, they would have gone home with their parents. It’s not fair to make the promoter take care of kids who don’t know how to behave… They’re young, and they’re often irresponsible.”

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