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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I have been awake since Run The Jewels dropped RTJ2 around 3 this morning, and I am barely keeping my brain from turning into pink fuzz, so I will forgo my usual state-of-the-music video paragraph here and tell you that you don’t need to watch any of these videos. They’re good, but you have no burning need to see any of them. After all, RTJ2 is in the world now. I strongly recommend that you throw that on, close your eyes, and put your face through a window. If you must watch this week’s picks, though, they’re below.

5. Split Single – “Monolith” (Dir. Joey Garfield)

You don’t need any kind of budget to make a fun music video. All you need is a GoPro camera, a halfway decent idea, and a willingness to stick your head out of a moving car window for minutes at a time.

4. Kiesza – “No Enemiesz” (Dir. Syndrome)

I am glad my articles of clothing don’t suddenly transform into people the second I take them off. That seems like it would cause unwanted complications in my life. Kiesza sure seems to have fun with it, though. Related: Someone really needs to cast Kiesza in a Step Up sequel as soon as possible.

3. FartBarf – “Homeless In Heathrow” (NSFW-ish) (Dir. Brandon Dermer)

The past few weeks have not come remotely close to giving us enough Halloween-themed music videos, but this one goes a lot way toward fixing that situation. Props to Dermer for willing to get genuinely creepy with it, and props to FartBarf for operating under the name FartBarf.

2. Shabazz Palaces – “Motion Sickness” (Dir. TEAN)

Shabazz Palaces are rapidly joining the ranks of our most consistent video artists. I don’t know how every video these guys make manages to be a mystic meditation on race and sex and the symptoms of modern life, but they keep doing it. With this one, they do it again.

1. Rob Cantor – “Shia LaBeouf” (Dir. Scott Uhlfelder)

How does a video like this come to exist? Who ponies up the money? Who is it for? Whatever, I don’t care, it’s great.