Watch Screaming Females Play Pancake Mountain In Toilet Paper Mummy Costumes

Pancake Mountain is a long-running, punk-leaning kids’ TV show recorded in Washington, D.C. — one that started out on public access but has since migrated to YouTube. Screaming Females have already appeared on the show to help out on Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow’s cooking segment. And now they’ve actually performed on the show, using toilet paper to turn themselves into mummies and playing amidst a dance party of costumed adults. You’d think it might be harder to shred when you’re covered in toilet paper, but apparently not. The five-minute video also has Tegan And Sara doing an acoustic “Walking With A Ghost” and Brody Dalle singing the theme song, which Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty wrote. Check it out below.

Screaming Females’ “Wishing Well” single is out now on Don Giovanni, and it rules hard.