Ad-Rock Uses A Homemade NY1 Guitar Strap In Tribute To Their Viral Air Guitar Video

The local New York news network NY1 is much-loved in town thanks to its wry tone and to a kind of shambling amateurism that sometimes comes through. Case in point: Last year, NY1 reporter Roger Clark reported on an air guitar championship at the Bowery Ballroom by giving a flailing on-air Rush air-guitar solo of his own, while anchor and cult hero Pat Kiernan gave the best possible response. The video went viral and former Beastie Boy Ad-Rock was a big fan.

According to Kathleen Hanna (Ad-Rock’s wife) since then he’s worn a guitar strap that pays tribute to the network (and probably to that air guitar video). See Ad-Rock’s guitar strap and the original video below.

That’s Pat Kiernan and Roger Clark on the strap.

[Photo via Getty Images.]