Joakim – “This Is My Life” Video + Kindness Remix

Joakim turned 25 this weekend, and to celebrate, he gave us all a gift: a unique look into his day-today via the “This is My Life” video. The video chronicles the French producer’s life through a series of Instagram videos played from his own laptop. Videos flash by as error messages, emails, and update alerts clutter his screen, creating memorizing chaos. A robotic voice narrates the captions of the videos in a detached monotone. When the vocals come in, the video morphs into a montage of Joakim’s face superimposed onto the faces of several movie characters, blending fantasy with true-life events. Joakim is also releasing a This Is My Life EP, which includes a remix by Kindness. The remix adds a funky disco beat to the electronic track, and makes use of subtle but persistent beats to build tension in the song. Watch and listen below.

(Via Noisey)

You can get the This Is My Life EP here.

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