Dean Wareham Discusses Luna Reunion Shows And Plans For The Future

Yesterday Luna announced a run of dates in Spain next spring, their first shows in 10 years, and insinuated that North American dates would follow. Today, in a Rolling Stone interview, Dean Wareham offered further information on the reunion. It seems the band “had a jam” over the summer when guitarist Sean Eden flew to Los Angeles to join ex-bandmates Wareham, Britta Phillips, and Lee Wall for a barbecue. That sparked conversations about playing some shows, so when a promoter from Spain called with an offer, Luna were primed for it. Wareham said the band will probably play US shows in “fun places” such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. “We’re going to wait and see what offers come in,” he told RS. “The news just got out. My inbox is blowing up a little bit, yeah.”

As for Luna’s setlists during the tour, Wareham expects them to be career-spanning. Some of the songs they jammed on include “Anesthesia,” “Friendly Advice,” “23 Minutes to Brussels,” and “Tracy I Love You,” though they won’t settle on anything official until they reconvene for practice early next year. Wareham is also in talks to reissue Luna’s catalog on vinyl, though the process is proving more complex than he’d hoped. The plan is to keep the reunion “loose” and open-ended; Wareham compared it to the way Tom Verlaine occasionally reconvenes Television, “but it’s not his whole life.” Wareham also had this to say about how keeping Luna casual keeps it fun:

At a certain point, it gets hard having to hold it together. I feel that this can be fun [because] it’s not going to take over our lives completely again. After 10 years away, you can recharge your friendship. After years and years in a band, it puts a strain on your friendships, because you’re not just friends; you’re in business together. You remember why you all like each other.

Sounds like if you’ve got money and live in a “fun place,” you may be able to book yourself a Luna show for the foreseeable future! Which is great, because a world with Luna in it is better than a world without Luna. (Though I have to ask, would some Galaxie 500 shows be too much to ask for?)