Mark McGuire – “Noctilucence” Video

Noctilucence refers to cloud-like formations made up of tiny ice crystals that shine bright in a deep twilight just after the sun has set. Although noctilucent clouds are fleeting by nature — they’re only visible at a certain time in certain parts of the world — Mark McGuire has harnessed the electric glow of clouds in a night sky in his video for “Noctilucence.” The 16-minute video shows viewers different landscapes at night, pausing on each one for a minute or two to let us view these scenes through the stationary camera. Within these wide shots, brightly colored textures bleed, flash, materialize, and disappear on screen as cars pass by, their headlights in focus then dissolving into black. Although the phenomenon of noctilucence isn’t shown in the video, there seems to be some kindred link between the mystique of Mark McGuire’s sound and this rare phenomenon. Watch.

The Noctilucence EP is out 11/11 on Dead Oceans.

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