Preview Foals’ “Howl (Supermoon)” From Radio 1 Rescores: Drive

A couple of weeks ago, BBC radio host Zane Lowe announced the controversial project Radio One Rescores: Drive – Curated By Zane Lowe, in which a number of big-name artists make up an all-new soundtrack to the already fantastically soundtracked film Drive. We’ve heard Chvrches’ contribution, and now we can hear a bit of the instrumental “Howl (Supermoon)” from British rockers Foals, as well as a short interview with Foals guitarist Jimmy Smith. Smith and Lowe discuss the project and the art of soundtracking in general, and they also address some of the criticisms of the Rescores project, with Lowe arguing that “we live in a remix culture” and Smith saying, “The original’s still there. If you don’t like the new one, then just go watch the old one. I think it’s pretty brave choosing Drive. That’s kind of why I wanted to do it, ’cause it’s brave doing a movie that relies on its soundtrack a little bit.” The song itself sounds a bit warmer and more organic than anything that actually made it into the film, but it could still fit fairly comfortably alongside any of the more peaceful moments in Cliff Martinez’s original score. Hear part of the interview below, and jump towards the end to hear a preview of “Howl (Supermoon).”

(via the Fuck Yeah Foals Forever tumblr)