Le Rug – “Dudley” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ray Weiss has had a shitty year. After the dissolution of Butter The Children, a band he started with his then-fiancée, he’s gone through “benzo weening, bi-polar wrestling, hanging up on suicide hotlines, back and forth trips to Bangkok, and now homelessness,” according to his press notes. During all of that tumult, Weiss channeled his energy (and lack thereof) into Swelling (My Own Worst Anime), an album he recorded entirely on his own as a way to process everything that he’d been through. And his music certainly feels like a therapy session tracked to tape: “Dudley” is an angry and frustrated song, a cry for help that prickles against anyone who tries to help. Weiss’ solo work under the name Le Rug feels like it’s searching for meaning, on some quest to find something that will help everything click and make sense. The song is accompanied by a video that was shot entirely in Thailand, which sees Weiss wandering aimlessly around, losing himself in the lights and the anonymity of the city. It’s raw, unfiltered music that’s intense in the best possible way — uncomfortable yet relatable, passionate but introverted. Listen below.

Swelling (My Own Worst Anime) is out 12/2 via Fleeting Youth.